Oh! Sinner Man

Oh! Sinner Man is an African American spiritual.

This is short and easy arrangement which can be played in either one, two or three parts. There is the melody, an accompaniment (based on the chords) and a chord option. I got together with a couple of friends to record this – Lara and I played the melody and Josie played the accompaniment. We found the balance wasn’t good when we included the chords as two people were playing the accompaniment against one playing the melody- which was swamped. It works best in larger groups with more people playing the melody, a few the accompaniment and just a couple of strummers. It’s also quite fun to swap parts and add a sung verse if you feel so inclined. See the video below the sheet music.

Download the pdf here:

Oh Sinner Man

Oh Sinner Man - Full Score.jpg


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