On this page you will find a list of all my publications, including self-published eBooks and published books. As of April 2018 my compositions and arrangements have been published by the prestigious Canadian published Les Productions d’Oz. Established in 1986 d’Oz is a leading publisher of classical guitar music. I am the first ukulele composer/arranger to be published by them. Click here for more information about my compositions.

Please note: All of my scores are in TAB and notation (gCEA tuning). Unless otherwise stated they are for standard re-entrant tuning i.e. hi-g C E A.


Self-Published eBooks:

The following eBooks are available in digital format only (PDF download) from either Payhip or Gumroad. Click on the blue links for more information on how to purchase. Click here for more information about the booklets. You will be redirected to my personal website:

Single Pieces available in digital format only:


Les Productions d’OZ (available as printed books or in digital format)

Click here to be redirected to my artist’s page on the Les Productions d’Oz website.