El Noi de la Mare

My arrangement of this beautiful Catalan folksong. Ukulele 1 plays the melody and ukulele 2 plays a finger style accompaniment based on the chords. At the start I am playing the chords with my fingers but you can just as easily play lightly rolled chords with the thumb. From bar 17 I break the chords into a running arpeggio. The timing is 3/4 or three quarter beats per bar. I am, however, playing the arpeggio in quavers (eighth notes) which means I am playing 6 notes per bar. I am counting 1 + 2 + 3 + . Suggested right hand fingering is p (thumb) i (index) m (middle) a (ring) m i. But you might like to create your own pattern.

El Noi de la Mare.jpg

You can download a PDF version here:

El Noi de la Mare

Special thanks to Josie for helping out!


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