I Love Classical Ukulele


Welcome to I Love Classical Ukulele. This website is managed by me, Samantha Muir. I am a classical ukulele player, arranger and composer based in Somerset in the UK. I am currently doing a PhD at the University of Surrey, UK. The title of my PhD is New Works for Classical Ukulele.

Samantha Muir spearheads a growing movement to expand the uke’s repertoire” – Blair Jackson, Ukulele Magazine, Spring 2021

I am committed to creating a new, challenging and cultivated repertoire by composing, arranging and commissioning new works for the ukulele. My research aims to deepen and evolve the idiomatic qualities of the ukulele by melding tradition with innovation. Utilising and adapting the techniques from my classical guitar background I aim to extend the musical and technical affordances of the instrument. 

While I look forward to keeping you updated about my PhD journey via my blog the primary aim of this website is to create resources for people who share my passion for classical ukulele. Whether you are just discovering the magic of classical ukulele or a seasoned player I hope you will find this website of interest.

 Thanks for joining me on this exciting journey. Please check back from time to time!

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