Resources in the Time of CV

The aim of this page is to create a list of resources that promote positivity and wellbeing. It’s really important that we all stay busy and keep our minds active and strong. So, here are some activities you can do at home. The list is not just ukulele based but obviously as this is my field there will be a lot of ukulele stuff!

If you have something you would like to share, be it online yoga or origami, please get in touch. I’m including both free and fee paying activities. A lot of my musician colleagues have been hard hit with loss of teaching, loss of gigs and loss of festivals and other events. Many are turning to Skype/Zoom lessons or creating online courses. Others have already have Patreon pages. So check out some of the activities you can do and if you feel able to help out please do!

Please note: this page is very much a work in progress so please check back as the list develops.

Kevin Carroll: Musical ukulele teacher of all ages and levels. James Hill certified Level 3. Specialties include Celtic music, blues, jazz, chord melody, arranging, teacher training.

Peter Moss is a well known entertainer on the ukulele scene. Peter is offering 4 lessons per month – Ukulele Shortcuts and a Whole Lot More – on Patreon. There are a variety of pricing options.

Anne Ku: Anne’s new book for complete beginners takes you from holding your ukulele to playing Iz’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in ten steps. Click here to learn more about Anne). Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Anne specialises in group classes for different age groups. Lately, she has started new projects for fingerstyle and ensemble ukulele, such as Ode to Joy, Chinese songs, and an anthology of songs in time of coronavirus. These are virtual interactive workshops followed by song sessions. Visit

Jeff Weinberger is creating YouTube tutorials for guitar and ukulele. He also offers Zoom lessons to private students and can be reached most easily through his email:
or through Facebook:
Here’s a message from Jeff: “I’ll be making a lot of videos and even .PDFs, TABs, etc. free to the public to keep teaching and help others stay engaged, connected and playing music. While we all have to earn a living and keep going in these tenuous times, it is important to also share and not think always of profits and revenues.”

Jules Perox runs Ukulele Rocks. It is a free resource for teaching and learning from the absolute beginner though to the ‘red site’ which is slightly more advanced Suitable for groups or individuals and has backing tracks and printable scores as well.

Barry Maz runs the Gotaukulele website. Packed with advice on everything from strings, tuners and ukulele brands to beginner videos Barry is literally the oracle of all things ukulele.

Kirsten Dwight has created a useful slideshow with some advice on how to support local businesses even when you are social distancing.

Leah Roman recommends the Open Culture website. It has loads of free eBooks, lectures, courses, audio books, movies and more.

Matt Stead of The Uke Room. The Uke Room is one of Europe’s biggest ukulele stores and ukulele school of excellence. Using years of playing and teaching experience we can help you find the right ukulele from you from budget starter ukes to beautiful custom specials. We set-up every uke to your specs and include free shipping in the UK.

Christopher Davis-Shanon: Teacher specializing in early 20th century mainland uke playing (Roy Smeck/Cliff Edwards Style) as well as music theory! You can support him on Patreon for as little as £3 per month and you will received charts for play-alongs, tabs for instrumental songs, and worksheets for each lesson.
website:   Patreon:

Dr James Cline offers ukulele lessons using the Zoom platform. You can find all the details on hisUkulele for Self Improvement website. He is also transcribing the entire Pastorale Symphony by Beethoven for the ukulele!  Check it out!


Firefly: a modern learning experience platform for schools. Helping schools respond to the impact of COVID-19. Available for free at the moment.


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