Cape Cod Girls

A super fun piece that will get you playing up the dusty end. Cape Cod Girls is a rip, roaring sea shanty. I first came across this piece in the (old) Trinity College London Guitar Grade 1 syllabus (2016 – 2019).

Here’s a vocal version of the song:

I’ve arranged a simple version of the melody for the ukulele. In the video I am playing the guitar accompaniment from the Trinity Grade 1 book. I’ve included the chords so you can strum along and create your own accompaniment on the ukulele

Very grateful to Josie for helping out and playing the melody so you can hear how it all goes together. The notes are quite straightforward but it’s really important to count so that the melody comes in at the right place. The accompaniment is quite busy doing its own thing so suggest strumming along with the ukulele chords to get a feel for the beat first.

PDF download here:

Cape Cod Girls

Cape Cod Girls - Full Score copy.jpg

For those who like lyrics: (suggest you also Google Cape Cod Girls for more versions, probably some rude ones somewhere…)

Cape Cod girls ain’t got no combs

Haul away, haul away
They brush their hair with codfish bones
And we’re bound away for Australia

So heave away, me bully, bully boys
Haul away, haul away
Heave her up and don’t you make a noise
And we’re bound away for Australia

Cape Cod kids ain’t got no sleds
They slide down the hills on codfish heads

Cape Cod girls ain’t got no frills
They tie their hair with codfish gills

Cape Cod cats ain’t got no tails
They lost them all in the northeast gales


Thank you for your continued support in these difficult times! Stay safe!

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