Paul Mansell

Paul is a qualified classical guitar and ukulele teacher based in Northampton, UK. Paul has an Honours Diploma from the Victoria College of Music, London (AVCM) and Grade 8 classical guitar. An avid fan of classical ukulele Paul has recently signed a publishing deal with Kevin Mayhew Ltd and his first book ‘Classical Uke’ will be available in December (see below for more details).

In December 2017 Paul released his first ukulele CD called Me, My Ukulele and I which features 35 tracks of classical and contemporary pop pieces. For more information and to purchase please click here.


Paul is also releasing a new book/CD entitled Classical Uke, published by Kevin Mayhew Ltd. This contains 20 pieces of classical arrangements by composers including Bach, Sor and Carulli. For more information and to purchase please click here.


Paul Mansell